Capital Peak Int’l Limited is a non-bank financial intermediary specializing in structured financing and commodity broking  such as Rubber, Coal, Iron Ore and Tin in the Asia-Pacific region.  Founded and led by a group of veterans with decades of broking and finance experience each, her vision is to establish Capital Peak as a leading boutique intermediary for financial institutions and Trading companies with her extensive clients’ network in the Asia Pacific region.

Capital Peak also provides financial consultancy for commodity industries. Its’ specializes in structuring and implementing risk management program for companies involved in commodity trading.

As an Inter-Dealer Broker (IDB), Capital Peak will soon be launching our proprietary trading electronic platform (Capital Trader) to provide a wider spectrum of service and products for our clients. This platform allows users to gain access and trade most of the future exchanges in China as well as global market like CME, DME, IPE, LIFE, LME and many others.

Capital Trader has an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows clients to work with other third party software to gain access and leverage on our trading platform.


  • SGX(Singapore Exchange)

  • TOCOM(Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc.)

  • TGE (Tokyo Grain Exchange)

  • AFET (The Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand)

  • SHFE (Shanghai Futures Exchange)

  • Japanese Market Prices

  • SGX delayed price

  • Currency exchange rates

  • Currency conversion tool

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