DPC Trader (Propriety Trading Platform)

We will be launching our new proprietary trading electronic platform to provide a wider spectrum of service and products for our clients. This platform allows users to gain access and trade most of the future exchanges in China as well as global market like CME, DME, IPE, LIFE, LME and many others.

The system opens up the OTC markets and bolsters liquidity. Users will be able to customize strategic orders in order to streamline their trading operations and techniques. We have taken tremendous efforts in producing our innovative e-platform to support our clients in their trading needs. This platform has been design and developed for professional traders with functionality such as Hedging (for OTC), Algorithmic Trading and Spread Trading.

Capital Trader has an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows clients to work with other third party software to leverage on our unique trading platform.

The objective of Capital Trader is to organize trading in the OTC market in such a way that possibility of defaults is almost eliminated. Capital Trader is design for efficient clearing & settlement of trades for all commodities and has an automated clearing and settlement system with its Clearing Members. The software can be configured manually for MTM (Mark to Market) margins on a daily basis, in the same way members’ positions are also computed on a daily basis.

Advantages of API

  • Highly customizable trade configuration.
  • Provide ultra high speed trading execution to minimize slippage.
  • Reaching out to more potential traders
  • Enable clients to handle their management internally and effortlessly.

  • SGX(Singapore Exchange)

  • TOCOM(Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc.)

  • TGE (Tokyo Grain Exchange)

  • AFET (The Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand)

  • SHFE (Shanghai Futures Exchange)

  • Japanese Market Prices

  • SGX delayed price

  • Currency exchange rates

  • Currency conversion tool

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